jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

Chavez does not get confused. Education alone is not approved.

After introducing himself as the "messiah" savior of Latin America, and seeing that no one is silent, nor yells insults at the UN General Assembly in the U.S., Chavez's brain undergoes a metamorphosis to believe their own lies, and think the others are idiots.

Nothing could be further from reality my dear "chachalaca-Chavez" The time that the king will cry, you shut up, was a spontaneous act of someone who over the years, their position and respect that he treats him the world can afford to express their true feelings, and not forget lout.

But from there to world leaders to swallow your ridiculous statements like biblical words there is a sea of space.

What's in them, is what will never fit you. Education, diplomacy and political career. One need not be rude to tell the truth or offenses, it only needs talent. That your little view of reality never can accept, let alone understand.

All who are silent today, is not applaud your poor leadership that is leading to disaster Venezuela moral, economic, and ideological, is purely and simply because this country that you have as "personal plunder, has what all governments wish ; million barrels in reserves of black gold and oil while still sending the world economy, you still think you are the guide of truth and hope.

But you're just a poor child, without affection, without friends, and afraid.Fear of ending up like Noriega, Saddam, or Mussolini. You are a coward that smarmy prostitute with her client that lit with beautiful words and assertions of power and joy, tries to convince for a fateful tumble.

Your big mistake is not your actions, because the insane can not condemn them to be, your mistake is to imagine that you can always buy friendship, goodwill, and support your ravings, with oil. Regalado, barter unlikely, and encouraging other megalomaniacs like you, in support of trying to perpetuate himself in power and oppress their people. As wanted to do the "Burro Mel" in Honduras and discovered that not everyone will swallow the "Socialism of the XXI century", or follow closely and as divine message, the nonsense that you express.(Mainly admiring the murderer of Fidel and his prison of 11 million people)

This win you suppose the UN, television interviews and the show that always cause exists, you will do tomorrow divulging in style, which was successful your intervention, saying a lot of lies, insults and several follies in the UN General Assembly in the U.S., no one will yell


RECUERDALO apprentice dictator, is by consent and agreement to your stupidity.

It is only education, not approval.

"Reason and justice travelers need no messiah or savior, time has shown" (Abel Desestress)

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